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Celeb Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Shares Foods To Include In Your Diet If You’re COVID Positive



As India continues to record exceptionally high numbers of coronavirus cases, it is essential that we all do our bit to strengthen our immunity. It is, however, possible that despite all precautions, we may fall prey to the virus. In the event of this, celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija has come up with a list of foods that one should try to include in one’s diet to help with recovery. On her Instagram Reels, the nutritionist shared that it was important to focus on healthy, home-cooked meals once you test positive for COVID-19. She began her video by stressing the importance of incorporating good proteins into our diet. She said, “Good quality proteins will increase the antibodies to protect you.”

She further added a list of protein-rich dishes, which included dal parathas, sprouts salad, besan chilla, moong dosa, egg frankie, chicken cutlets and fish fingers. She wrote, “Proteins are your protective soldiers, helping you ward off the virus and its side effects.”

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Stressing on the need to consume nutritious and balanced meals, she said, “Supplements are essential but foods contain known and unknown overall goodness.” Her list of healthy recipes included mango custard, watermelon salad, peanut butter with banana, veggie juice, vegetable raitas, zucchini pizza and vegetable pulao. She said that loss of smell and taste may make you want to resort to having junk food or dishes that are rich in sugar and salt. This should be avoided and the focus must be on wholesome, home-cooked meals, she said.

“Heal yourself with good home-cooked meals. Although it’s easier sometimes to order in the so-called delicious goodies but they will pull you down (sic). You need good nutrition to keep your guard strong. Eat well. Heal well India. Stay strong,” she wrote, adding, “Good nutrition can be your best vaccination against COVID-19.”

Previously, Pooja had also shared three simple tips to follow pre- and post-vaccination. She explained that proper hydration and a good night’s sleep was extremely important before you take the COVID-19 vaccine jab. She had also advised refraining from consuming alcohol one day before or after taking the vaccine as alcohol tends to dehydrate the body.

“Of course, eating healthy, home-cooked, balanced meals and avoiding the processed junk ready to eat foods and completely refraining from stringent starvation diets is the most important pillar to good immune function always,” she said.

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The nutritionist reiterated that a balanced diet is a key to better immunity and we cannot help but agree.

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