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Live Updates From #VaccinateIndia Telethon: An Initiative To Encourage Vaccination Against COVID-19




Live Updates From #VaccinateIndia Telethon: An Initiative To Encourage Vaccination Against COVID-19

New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) in partnership with Google has initiated the #VaccinateIndia campaign. The aim of the campaign is to empower people with the right information about vaccines, their safety and efficacy. It will also provide reliable platform for COVID-19 content on symptoms, treatment,  how to register and where to get vaccinated, and track up-to-date guidelines and protocols issued by the government and other international organisations and experts.

Here are the live updates from the #VaccinateIndia telethon:

NDTV in partnership with Google launches the #VaccinateIndia campaign, which aims to inform people about the importance of getting vaccinated to fight against COVID-19

Watch a special 2-hour telethon 7PM (IST) onwards

India started the immunisation drive against COVID-19 on January 16. The country has given regulatory approval to three vaccines- 

Covishield:  Developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca, manufactured locally by Serum Institute of India 

Covaxin: Developed by Bharat Biotech with Indian Council of Medical Research

Sputnik V: Developed by Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Russia

Vaccines, along with other preventive measures like wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, washing hands frequently can break the chain of transmission of the infection and thus help in defeating the pandemic soon. 

According to experts, COVID-19 vaccines can protect us from developing severe disease and can also reduce mortality. 

Devastating Second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic
The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic that started earlier this year, is proving to be ever more dangerous. With more hospitalisation and deaths occurring in the current wave, scientists and doctors say that our best bet against the raging pandemic is to get vaccinated.

COVID-19 pandemic has lead to a situation of medical crisis in the country. People are in distress and healthcare facilities are under immense pressure.