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MX TakaTak’s Fame House Season 1 Watch Online Or Download Free On MX Player: Meet The Top Content Creators Of India



About MX TakaTak Fame House Reality Series

MX TakaTak Fame House Cast: Nisha Guragain, Shalvi Chauhan, Deepak Joshi, Rizwan Khan, Lucky Dancer, Amulya Rattan, Tariq Khan, Wish Rathod, Ayush Yadav, Saloni Mittal, Vishal Kalra, Sofia Ansari, Kanishka Sharma, Ridhima Jain, Srashti Kushwaha (Rush Twins), Prakriti Kushwaha (Rush Twins), Aashika Bhatia, Swati Sharma, Veerangna Nainway, Joginder Divakar

Genre: Game-Show, Reality-TV, Drama, Web Series, Non-Fiction

Director: Jaunty

Release Date: 18 December 2020

Always bringing the best for its audience, the upcoming MX Player web show, MX TakaTak Fame House is the perfect binge-watching show for the weekend. One of its kind, the show would bring together the top content creators of India on one stage to showcase their talent and give them a chance to reach millions of Indians and win their hearts.

With a unique concept, all the content creators would be put together in a villa for 7 days, and with mutual collaboration, each has to come out with something unique and inspiring. The competition is tough and the win is hard. Which talent would make its way to the title “Fame Creator Of The Season”. To find out more, binge watch MX TakaTak Fame House all episodes now streaming online for free!

MX TakaTak Fame House Season 1 Episodes Complete

The series has a total of 5-episodes to stream. Here are the complete details about the episodes of the MX Original Reality TV Series for season 1:

Episode 1: Trend Starts Here

First episode and the first task – Aa Dekhein Zara, Kismein Kitna Hai Dum! 30 seconds is what is given to each contestant to show off their talent and win hearts, all in 30 seconds!

Episode 2: Hot Or Not

Teams are formed and everybody gets out of their comfort zone to bring something new to the table. The hot dancer is teamed up with the great actor, and the mimic artist is teamed up with a creative photographer. Today’s theme is a retro look and everybody is dazzling in the heroic era of the 80s and 90s. Who will make the best video today? Whose concept will be the best? Friendships are being formed but simultaneously arguments are also rising. What more is in the store?

Episode 3: Pong And Splash

the creators are taken outside the villa to cook up some fun and chill at the beaches of Goa, taking in the winds and bringing out the talent. Saloni is afraid of the high tides and the deep water, but Ayush is soaring high in the sky and Rizwan is playing with the speed. But the fun has not come to an end as the game night is still on. But in between videos and friendships, rumor has it that romance is budding between Vishal and Nisha. Will MX TakaTak Fame House season 1 get its first couple of the season?

Episode 4: Kill, Marry, Hook-Up

Groups are being formed and people are getting comfortable within their inner circle of the 20 content creators. Offers of collaboration for videos are being rejected and the video tasks are being affected. Who is lacking behind in all of this drama? The next game planned for today is Killarry-Hook Up! Just a game, but the real feelings are gonna come out in this.

Episode 5: Fame Creator Of The Season

The last day of season 1 has finally come, where one contestant will walk away with the “Fame Creator Of The Season” title. Today will be the real test of the contestants where they will have to prove who is the most talented and who has won most hearts till now with their videos, creative concepts, and their talent. The culmination of an interesting journey will be done with the collective votes of all the house members. Who will be the winner?

MX TakaTak Fame House Watch Online Or Download Free

Let you know, You can watch the season 1 episodes online for free, at no cost, absolutely free. Plus, you can also download the episodes, save them to your mobile phone to watch offline. You don’t need any subscription plan for it because MX-Player is a free web streaming platform.

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