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Killers of the Flower Moon: Watch a preview of the new movie from Scorsese



Killers of the Flower Moon: Watch a preview of the new movie from Scorsese


 Killers of the Flower Moon: Watch a preview of the new movie from Scorsese

Killers of the Flower Moon: There have been a number of names that have appeared for each other as partners over the years: Scarlett Johansson & Chris Evans, Ryan Murphy & Darren Criss, Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart, Martin Scorsese & Leonardo DiCaprio. You see the image that is forming here, right? Well, production has finally started for the new film from the dynamic duo of director and actor, Killers of the Flower Moon.

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio have had a long, fruitful film history together. Like, seriously, you can do a movie marathon and make the marathon last a fair amount of time. So what’s Killers of the Flower Moon about? What can we expect from Martin Scorsese’s new film? Who else is in the movie? Here’s absolutely everything you need to know about the new Martin Scorsese movie.

Watch a preview of the new movie from Scorsese –

What’s Killers of the Flower Moon about?

Based on David Grann’s non-fiction book, Killers of the Flower Moon is based on a true crime case. In the 1920s, a series of murders took place in Osage County, Oklahoma, of the wealthy Osage Nation, who gained wealth by discovering large deposits of oil beneath their land. The Osage Nation got custody of the oil in court, meaning they got the $$$$ from the sale of the oil supplies.

But of course people who want the oil (read: whites) don’t like the idea of ​​dealing with the Osage Nation’s ‘middleman’. There are a lot of complicated things about management and how the Osage rarely saw the money they owed. The plot gets even more complicated when, well, murder gets involved. It is one of the greatest early cases for the emerging FBI, which was in its infancy for the Osage case.

The official body count is that 20 Osage people were murdered in the plot, but Grann believes there could be hundreds – all killed because of their ties to the oil. Cattleman William Hale was eventually tried and convicted as the mastermind of the crime after the investigation.

Who is in Killers of the Flower Moon?

Leonardo DiCaprio obviously stars as the son of a powerful local farmer, William Hale, played by Robert De Niro. Lily Gladstone, known for her breakthrough role in Certain women, his wife plays in the film, her most prominent acting role to date. Killers of the Flower Moon see Scorsese & DiCaprio working together for the first time since 2013 The Wolf of Wall Street.

In the supporting cast, we have Jesse Plemons, Scott Shepherd, Pat Healy, Tantoo Cardinal, Michael Abbott Jr, Gary Basaraba, and Grammy Award-winning musicians Jason Isbell and Sturghill Simpson. Eric Roth wrote the screenplay for the adaptation of Grann’s non-fiction book. Paramount Pictures and Apple TV + will distribute the film, which began filming in April 2021 after a year-long delay.

When will the new Martin Scorsese movie be released?

At the moment we don’t have a release window for it Killers of the Flower Moon. Because of COVID-19, the filming, as we said, was postponed for a year. It was supposed to start in Oklahoma in March 2020, but plans have changed for good, right? Assuming filming for the new Martin Scorsese movie goes smoothly? We recommend a 2022 release?

Although, who knows, they might squeak it under the wire for prize season. We’re not going to guess too much on that front. Anyway, Killers of the Flower Moon certainly promises to be something interesting to dive into.

What do you think of Martin Scorsese’s new film? Are you curious about more details about this serial murder case? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts on things.


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