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This Bizarre Indian Curry Made With Potato Chips Has Got Internet Aghast



Potato chips are probably one of the favourite snacks across all age groups. A pack of store-brought potato chips or even homemade ones can instantly perk up even the gloomiest days. The crunch factor of the deep-fried treats paired with a drizzle of salt makes it a class apart from any other indulgent snack. But what would your reaction be if we told you someone made an Indian curry with our favourite crunchy treat? Yes, you heard us right. A food blogger created a ‘potato chips curry’ and shared it on Facebook. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself:


The potato chips curry was a gravy along with potato chips in it.

The photo of the chips curry was posted in a Facebook group called Kolkata Food Trotters. The gravy dish seemed to be made with an onion-tomato masala to which the chips were added. Whole green chillies were also used to garnish the eccentric creation. Although the post was later deleted, it was widely circulated on various social media channels. “Chips curry… My own concept,” read the caption to the post which received thousands of reactions all over the internet.

Indian foodies and Facebook users were appalled by the bizarre creation, which was posted by an unknown user on the private Facebook group. Many thought it was one of the ‘laziest dishes’ they had ever come across. “Sometime I think we deserve Covid,” wrote one sarcastic user while another said, “Keep your own concept to yourself please.”

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potato chips

Potato chips were used to make the curry in question.

Interestingly, this is not the only bizarre food to have disgusted the internet in the recent past. Recently, a food blogger had created her own version of instant noodles by adding crushed chocolate biscuits to it.

Would you like to try these weird food combinations? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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